Empowering Small Businesses in Africa

Connected Digital is a Briefing Platform that allows Entrepreneurship Development Agencies, ESG/ESD Programmes, Incubators and Accelerators to manage marketing projects to help small businesses and startups grow.

Corporates, NGOs, Accelerators and Incubators

Focus on growing startups while we handle the planning and execution of their marketing needs. 

Our Briefing Platform helps project and programme managers easily send marketing project briefs to us, so we can plan and execute more efficiently.

By working with us, you can save time and avoid confusion in email and supplier coordination. We streamline your processes, eliminate communication barriers, and improve your efficiency. 

Entrepreneurs, Startups and Small Businesses

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Our Packages

BizBoost Essentials

R10,000 - R25,000
  • Logo & Business Card Design
  • Email Signature Design
  • 1-2 Page Website (excludes hosting)
  • 1 Month Social Media Marketing
  • Knowledge Resources
  • Business Community

SME Success Suite

R21,000 - R35,000
  • Brand Manual
  • 3-4 Page Website (excludes hosting)
  • 2 Months Social Media Marketing
  • 2 Hour Photoshoot
  • 1 Month Email Marketing
  • Knowledge Resources
  • Business Community

BizGrowth Rocket

R35,000 - R60,000
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Brand Development
  • 5-10 Page Website (excludes hosting)
  • 3 Months Social Media Marketing
  • 3 Hour Photoshoot
  • Brand Video
  • 3 Months Email Marketing
  • Knowledge Resources
  • Business Community

Corporates, NGOs, Accelerators and Incubators

Who we work with

NGOs to enable Impact Optimization:

NGOs are driven by their mission to create positive change in society, and they require our services to streamline their operations and maximize their impact.

We help them strategize, manage resources efficiently, and communicate effectively to drive support and engagement, ensuring their efforts translate into tangible results that improve lives.

Corporates to enable CSR Enhancement:

Corporates understand the importance of social responsibility and seek our services to enhance their corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives.

We work with them to identify impactful projects aligned with their values, facilitate meaningful partnerships with NGOs, and create sustainable programs that not only benefit communities but also strengthen their brand reputation and employee engagement.

Business Incubators/Accelerators to enable Startup Ecosystem Growth:

Business accelerators and incubators play a vital role in nurturing startups, and our services support their mission by providing tailored guidance to their portfolio companies.

We offer strategic insights, networking opportunities, and communications solutions, enabling these entities to foster innovation, scale promising ventures, and contribute to the growth of the broader entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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